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Neuropsychology and Experimental Psychology Lab.

University of Cadiz. Spain

Gabriel G. De la Torre,PhD
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Human Factors Specialist

Dr. De la Torre is Clinical Neuropsychologist interested in both clinical and experimental neuropsychology research. He has collaborated in different projects related to Space analogs including Mars 500. He also coordinated an ESA research Topical Team on Psychosocial and Neurobehavioral aspects of Human Spaceflight and is currently involved in one NASA NSCOR to study biomarkers and psychological aspects of resilience and psychoemotional aspects in space analogs. He also does research in cognitive neuroscience including brain injury and cognitive deficits with biomarkers and new techniques such as machine learning and computer vision.

Sara González-Torre, MA
Health Psychologist

Sara is Health Psychologist (MA) and she is currently working on her PhD with an scholarship at University of Cadiz doing research on Human Factors and adaptation to Space analogs. She has a Masters Degree in Health Psychology from University of Seville in Spain. She is interested on psychosocial and clinical aspects of people in these and other extreme environments. She is also expert health psychologist with experience in cancer and psychological aspects of chronic diseases. She has been an analog astronaut for Astroland Agency Mars analog in 2019.

Sandra Doval, MA
Experimental Psychologist

Sandra is Experimental Psychologist with experience in methodology, artificial intelligence and signal processing research. She completed her Masters degree at Complutense University and she is collaborating with us and The Center for Brain Computing at Madrid, Spain. She did a research fellowship at Cork University in Ireland where she learned EEG and Brain Imaging techniques and research. She is interested on neural networks, machine learning and computer vision algorithms and how they may help clinical and experimental psychology research. She is proficient in Python, Matlab and Statistics.

Manuel García, PhD
Experimental Psychologist

Dr. Garcia is Experimental Psychologist with experience in methodology, artificial intelligence and signal processing research. He is interested on EEG and Brain Imaging techniques and research. He has extensive experience on Statistics and Experimental design applied in Psychology.

Aida Vela

Aida is graduate student at our Lab. She has done research on Virtual Reality and anxiety in children and adults. She has previous experience on Neurofeedback techniques with brain injury patients. She is now pursuing a Masters Degree in Health Psychology.

Miguel A. Ramallo, MA
Psychologist, Human Factors Specialist

Miguel A. Ramallo is Human Factors Specialist and Interim Professor of Clinical Psychology at University of Cadiz. He is interested in mixed Human/Machine Teams interactions, especially drones and autonomy, simulations and Workload.

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