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Projects and Research

Virtual Reality

In our lab we do research on application of VR technology in the field of clinical and experimental psychology. We are using VR to alleviate anxiety in children before they go into MRI testing procedures. Using 360º videos and VR  within brief psychotherapy sessions we eliminate anxiety and fears in children before their MRI. We are currently working on a project at Hospital Puerta del Mar radiology service. We are going to apply the same technique in other Hospital services such as extractions, surgery, etc. We use HTC VIVE pro, eye tracking and LEAP MOTION technologies among others.

Space Analogs Research

We are the only research team in Spain dedicated to study psychological and neurocognitive aspects of human spaceflight and spaceflight simulations. We study how people adapt and interact in extreme environments and simulations preparing humans to go back to the Moon, Mars and beyond.


Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) are used in our lab to study interactions with other machines ans systems: controlling robotic arms, computers, etc. using brain electric activity is a very interesting topic with serious implications for brain injury rehabilitation, human machine interface and human factors.

Clinical Neuropsychology

We are clinical Neuropsychologists, helath psychologists and experimental psychologists and Neuropsychology is our framework. We perform neuropsychological assessment in both clinical and experimental settings. We know and apply neuropsychological tools and tests in our daily work. We collaborate in research in different related Neuropsychology topics such as brain injury, neurological diseases and developmental disorders.


We are doing some breakthrough research in the field of SETI studying how neurocognitive, consciousness and psychological aspects mediate this task and research. It is important for us to identify perception and cognitive bias in this important field because results and methods may be affected beyond experts consideration to these days.  We have several papers published on this topic.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Signal Processing

How can Machine Learning and CNN models help to determine evolution and diganosis of neuorological conditions such as dementia and others. We are interested on the task of developing models to predict outcome in the course of these neurological conditions and also apply AI to other domains within Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology. We are doing this research in collaboration with our colleagues of the Center for Biomedical Technology of Universidad Complutense and Politécnica de Madrid (CTB).

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